Our Favourite Podisodes (So Far…)

The image depicts a stick figure of Jan saying "I love Podisodes!" with a heart symbol replacing the word "love." On the right, a stick figure of Marc angrily yells, "Stop it!" The hashtag "#PodLife" is written in big letters above the scene.
Drawn by Marc Rocheleau, who is completely blind.

Earlier today on social media, we shared a Spotify playlist of our 10 favourite podisodes.


For anyone new to the podcast, we think this is a good place to start. From episode one to 31, we tried including content that touched on our personal lives, accessibility, education, technology, media and the fun we have in general. The audio quality isn’t perfect in the earlier episodes but the content is there and our mad recording skills get better as we dip into the teens.


Even though I strongly recommend you visit the podisode archives, we know that 31 shows can be a bit daunting — just take a look at our other stuff once you’ve tackled these, okay?


Unfortunately, in the Spotify iOS app at least, it appears that navigating through a podcast or different episodes in a play list is entirely inaccessible. As a result, we decided to release this playlist here in an accessible way.


Each link below opens the Spotify page for that specific podisode in a new window. Next to those main links, we’ve also included another to follow if you want to check it out on our website instead.


01. The Episode About How Marc Went Blind (website link)

04. The Episode About Being A Caregiver (website link)

10. The Episode About Camping Blind (website link)

12. The Episode About Accessibility On The Internet (website link)

13. The Episode About Books (website link)

21. The Podisode About Christmas Shopping And Surprises (website link)

23. The Podisode About Depictions Of The Blind In TV & Film (website link)

26. The Podisode About A Blindingly Brilliant Holiday Season (website link)

29. The Podisode About Assorted Blind Randomness (website link)

31. The Blindnamic Duo Returns! (website link(

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