It’s Been A Long Time

A photo of Marc petting his bunny Sir Benjamin Bunnington the 4th, after the rabbit has flopped in satisfaction.
Marc petting Sir Benjamin Bunnington the 4th on the couch.


With summer almost over, it’s time for what feels like an annual update at this point.


Before anyone assumes the worst… if they’re still reading that is, Jan and I are doing fine. She is much happier at her current job and getting close to being two years in now. While the pandemic has definitely not been a good thing, the one positive is that it brought us to a breaking point with her previous employers. After taking time off in 2020, it became even more apparent that she had to get out. It was honestly the best decision she could’ve made for herself and both of us in general.


Beyond that, just a few things are new.


Hopping To It


The biggest news is that we recently welcomed a new member to the family.


No, Jan didn’t have a kid: At the end of July, we decided to adopt a bunny! Jan loves them and after being around some at our friends house, we decided to bring one home from the humane society (opens in new tab.) As I type this, Sir Benjamin Bunnington the 4th is sitting in his cage behind me in our office. His name at the shelter was Benjamin Bun, but I didn’t think it sounded fancy enough. (We just call him Ben so that he understands what the heck we’re saying when we need to get his attention.)


It’s taken some adjustment but we’re doing pretty good after about two weeks. He listens really well and aside from breaking out while Jan was at work the other day, there haven’t been any major incidents with him getting into trouble. Even then, when I realized he was out and told him he had to get in his cage, Ben went right to the door and waited for me to open it for him. (We think he leveraged his litter box to jump out a hatch that was like three feet up on his cage… it was kind of insane actually.)


So Ben has been taking up most of our time lately. We’ve bonded and he seems to like us, but I have to be very careful not to kick him. He’s really quiet, very fast and since I’m already hard of hearing, that makes it a challenge. Still, Sir Bunnington lets me pet him and interacts with me often so I can’t be doing that bad.


(Of course this is when I realize that he might have pooped under my desk to mark “his” territory.)


The Wonderful Future


As for the future of this site and our podcast, I’m not really sure what to say.


We’d like to get back to recording but don’t have much time these days. I actually got a lavalier  microphone to improve the quality of our episodes even and it’s been in the box since December. All of our shows got moved over from Podbean to Anchor (links open in a new tab) since they have free hosting, so that stuff is still around for posterity. (I also updated the web players on the site so that they point to the correct location too.)


As it stands right now, my current plan is to start writing more on here and see where that goes. If we can find the time, we’ll try podcasting again maybe? We also don’t want it to feel like work either so that’s another thing to figure out. Towards the end, it was becoming a chore and that  made things a lot less fun obviously.


I also gave up on the page for audio descriptions on Disney+ Star in Canada (opens in new tab.) It was getting harder to update as some series would add AD later and only certain episodes had it. Complicating matters further, if a show didn’t have descriptions from the start, the Disney+ website and app wouldn’t show that it was described on the title’s information page. Trying to keep up from month-to-month with those factors was ultimately too much of a hassle.


With that being explained, I hope this website can continue in some form or another at least.


Social reMEDIAl


Finally, you may have noticed that we’re no longer on twitter.


Considering it was where we had the most followers, leaving  wasn’t easy. Still, with word of Elon Musk possibly taking over (opens in new tab,) we just didn’t feel right about being on the platform: It’s as simple as that really. His view on “free speech” is truly scary and not something we support. (And yes, I realize now that the two of us may have jumped the gun. Oh well!)


Not wanting to end on a sour note though, enjoy the photo of Ben and I included above. (It was taken right after a great big satisfying bunny flop.)

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