Gain Some Insight On Having No Sight

Welcome to the official website of the Blind Luminations podcast. As we move into our online home, be sure to bookmark this page and stay tuned. Once we’re fully up and running, we’ll be expanding your knowledge (and our own) when it comes to living with vision-loss.


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In Your Face With Content On Cyberspace

One of the main reasons for starting this site was to elaborate on thoughts that didn’t fit in the podcast. As a result, the blog is set to become our online home’s crown jewel as it continues to grow. Beyond regular posts from your two podcast hosts, we’re also hoping to invite guest contributors. As this humble little cyber… space… takes shape, we realize how important it is to get some different perspectives. (Even The Beatles got by with a little help from their friends after all.)


Giving readers and listeners  the most complete picture possible, Marc and Jan recognize their experiences don’t cover the full spectrum of vision-loss. This is where guests and supplemental information will come into play on our blog, White Cane On The Dirty Ground.


Our most recent posts also appear on the left sidebar: That way you can keep an eye (or ear) out for what’s going on… we don’t discriminate.


Make Your Ear Holes Happy


If you want to hear our podcast, you can do so in the archives or by using the player on the left sidebar. Both contain podisodes past and present, show notes and art drawn by Marc, our resident blind guy. (Trust us: Stick figures have never looked so good!)


If you’re new to the podcast, Marc and Jan talk all about their experiences as a married couple with one of them being blind and the other being fully-sighted. Topics range from eating blind to accessibility on the internet and everything in between.


Behind The Masks Of The Blindnamic Duo


Unfamiliar with the people in charge of this operation? You can learn all about The Blindnamic Duo in the “About Us” section. Why does Jan put up with Marc and vice versa anyway? It’s something that stumps them too sometimes.


Either way, find the answer to this question, short bios on the husband and wife team along with photos and information on how our podcast began. (Who knows? We may have left some alt text easter eggs for those using narration software too!)


It’s All About Accessibility


We’ve tried to make our site 100% accessible. As a blind user himself, Marc knows how frustrating it can be to try and navigate through elements that just don’t work for the visually-impaired. If you are noticing an accessibility issue with something on our site (whether it isn’t working or we haven’t considered a specific need,) we are always open to feedback.


If you want to send a website suggestion, report any problems, ask questions about the podcast or give us general feedback, you can always fill out our contact form. We love connecting with our readers/listeners, so please feel free to interact with us. We’re starved for attention!