Learn A Little Bit About The Blindnamic Duo!

Marc is wearing a red mask, with a red shirt with the letters BA on it. He's also holding his cane like a weapon, ready to strike. Jan, however, has her arms crossed. She's sporting a red cap, red hair and a red mask. She also has a white shirt with a Red G and a black G on it. Both heroes are wearing black jeans and black shoes.

The Blind Avenger and Guiding Goddess (also known as Marc and Jan) first met in their civilian identities. While enrolled in their local college’s journalism program, it definitely wasn’t love at first sight however. Not only has Marc NEVER seen Jan, he initially didn’t remember his inadvertent role in her superhero origin (she guided him to class during their first semester.)

Despite this, the two became friends and started dating n 2005. From there, Marc proposed in 2010 before marrying Jan three years later. You know how the saying goes: Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile!


From Matrimony To Microphones


Happily married, The Blindnamic Duo now lives with Marc’s blindness while fighting misconceptions about the disability. Although their shared experiences continue to fuel the current show, Blind Luminations wasn’t their first podcasting stop along the way.


In 2017, The Blind Avenger and Charlie The Crusher started Whose Storyline Is It Anyway? The wrestling podcast focused on how they would use  WWE Superstars, but ended in the fall of that year. The show was still important though: It taught Marc how to launch a podcast and featured his first recordings with Jan as guest co-host.


With Marc addicted to the medium, the husband and wife team launched a new concept in 2018. Titled Pop Culture Nickel, it debuted in February. The only problem? Despite sticking with a weekly top 5 list, The two knew far less about pop culture than what they’d originally thought.


As with his previous show, the blind host’s second podcast was scrapped before the end of its first year. With more experience under their utility belts however, The Blindnamic Duo persevered.


Luminous Times (Hold On To Podcasting)


Realizing where things were headed before Pop Culture Nickel’s demise, Marc and Jan began brainstorming ideas for something new . Knowing their schedules and wanting an easier workload, the two turned to a topic they were already familiar with. Out of necessity and a need for convenience, the Blind Luminations podcast was born!


Following many delays and false starts, the show launched in May 2019. Although it came months after the original plan to debut in February, the world of podcasts would never be the same again!


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