36. Being Married On ODSP Just Sucks

An image depicts a stick figure of Marc wearing sunglasses on the left. He's holding his white cane, throwing a ball in the air and saying "Wee!" On the right, a stick figure of Jan says, "It's the ol' ball and cane." A heart with "Marc + Jan" written in bigger letters inside is above the scene.
Drawn by Marc Rocheleau, who is completely blind.

In a tale of love and marriage, The Blindnamic Duo are sharing how they make things work on this week’s podisode!


After a slight delay, Marc and Jan are back to discuss what it’s like to be married while relying on social assistance. How does being on ODSP put a strain on those in a benefit unit? What financial hardships did it cause for the two? How do they work through these issues? What actually makes The Blind Avenger and Guiding Goddess luckier than other married couples?


It’s only a fraction of what’s covered in the 70 minute podisode so tune in for the rest!


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