33. The Blindey Hitter’s Club

An image depicts a stick figure of Marc wearing his sunglasses on the left as he asks, "Where's my cane?" A couch has been moved in front of him and a stick figure of Jan stands with his white cane on the other side. She responds, "Just a little bit closer..."  The words "Getting Ready For A Trip" are written in big letters above the scene.
Drawn by Marc Rocheleau, who is completely blind. Couch drawn by Jan Rocheleau, who isn’t.

The Blindnamic Duo are taking flight once again!


Leaving the serious content for their website, Marc and Jan decided to keep things light with this week’s podisode. Going in with no particular topic, the two ended up having a lengthy discussion on the portrayal of diabetics in TV & film. Aside from that, hear about the Guiding Goddess trying to steal her husband’s cane and why you shouldn’t mess with The Blind Avenger!


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What were your thoughts on the new Baby Sitter’s Club, experiences with diabetes and have you ever stolen a cane from someone who is blind? Have you had a white cane stolen by a friend? Drop us a line in the comments below or use our contact form to let us know!


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