31. The Blindnamic Duo Returns!

An image depicts a stick figure of Jan on the left saying, "A lot of people will hear us now." On the right, a stick figure of Marc wearing sunglasses and holding his white cane says, "We'll be going viral!" The hashtag "#PandemicHumourFail" is written in big letters above the scene.
Drawn by Marc Rocheleau. who is completely blind.

The Blindnamic Duo is back and better than ever!


What have Marc and Jan been up to since the world got turned upside down in March? In their first podisode of the pandemic era and second season, the two focus on how their lives have been indirectly changed by Covid-19. From financial fears to impaired interactions, the Guiding Goddess and Blind Avenger have a lot to catch-up on!


The two also detail some changes that will alter the very fabric of this show. Oh yeah, Marc shares what he went through to promote the freshly minted second season too… or something.


We also want to know how you’re dealing with Covid-19. Whether you have a disability or not, share your stories below! We have a fancy little contact form if you want to take things directly to the source as well.


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