30. The Podisode About Moving In With A Blind Person

An image depicts a stick figure of Jan saying "Marc?" on the left. The words "Moving On Up" are written in big letters above her. A stick figure of Marc holds the "p" from one hand and his white cane in the other while saying "Hi."
Drawn by Marc Rocheleau, who is completely blind.

They aren’t the Jeffersons, but this week The Blindnamic Duo are moving on up!


Jumping back almost seven years, Marc and Jan discuss what it was like to move out three weeks before their wedding. What makes an apartment more enticing for someone who is blind?

Which aspect of moving shares something in common with having a disability? Why isn’t it always a good idea to whistle while you work? How did The Guiding Goddess adjust to living with a blind man and what things do they both need to be aware of?


We cover these aspects of assimilation and more as The Blind Avenger also follows up on two burning questions from last week’s podisode. What are you waiting for?


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Links we mentioned on the podcast:


Why Do Blind People Wear Sunglasses? by Blind To Billionaire


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