25. The Podisode About How Marc Got Into College


An image depicts a stick figure of Marc loudly knocking on the door of a building. The word "school" is on the wall over it and "School Of Hard Knocks" is written in big letters above the scene.
Drawn by Marc Rocheleau, who is completely blind.

The Blindnamic Duo are celebrating their 25th episode in style and it’s… educational?


Covering how Marc got into college, he and Jan lay out how The Blind Avenger earned his degree at the school of hard knocks. Why did the former head of journalism refuse to talk with the beacon of blindness? How did the future journalist still slide into the program? What extra obstacles did he face due to his disability and why couldn’t his skills speak for themselves? 


If you take anything away from this podisode it should probably be “don’t piss Marc off!” In addition to these questions, we allude to future hurdles he didn’t see coming (no pun intended,) discuss an amazing Christmas lights show in the area and Jan starts singing… again. (Oh the humanity!)


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