19. The Podisode About Being A Blind Journalist

An image depicts a stick figure of Jan saying, "I'm always right!" On the right side, a stick figure of Marc replies, "That's fake news!" The words "Freedom Of The Press" are written in big letters above the scene.
Drawn by Marc Rocheleau, who is completely blind.

Stop the presses, The Blindnamic Duo are back to break a story that will change things forever!


Okay so maybe there’s a bit of fake news in there, but we are definitely back with some audio fun for your earholes. Join Marc and Jan as they get into the former’s career as a journalist while being blind. Why did he choose this field? How has Jan helped along the way and what payment has she received? Also, what opportunities has Marc missed out on due to his disability?


We cover lots of ground, serious and silly, on this week’s podisode. From not knowing he sat side by side with Jan for weeks in college to her (awful) sound effects for winking, this one has plenty of late breaking news!


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