17. The Podisode About Medical Tests And Procedures

An image depicts a stick figure of Jan on the left side asking, "What happened to your leg?" A stick figure of Marc stands with a crooked leg on the right and replies, "I tried to kick my computer." The words "Blind Rage Is Real" are written in big letters above the scene.
Drawn by Marc Rocheleau, who is completely blind.

After taking a week off, The Blindnamic Duo are back… and this time it’s clinical!


Although Thanksgiving isn’t until Monday, hear about how Marc was recently carved up… but in a fun way! From minor surgery to various tests, he and his sighted wife Jan explore what it’s like to be blind or a caregiver when dealing with various medical situations.


How did Jan bond with Marc’s specialist? What interests her about when he gets bloodwork done? What sound did the blind guy make during his barium swallow test and what made both of them feel like they peed themselves? (It’s really not as gross as you think.)


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Links We Mentioned This Week


Post Productions Theatre Company website

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Have your own stories about medical procedures? If they aren’t too gross feel free to share them in a comment below or drop us a line by using our contact form! (We have fragile egos and need all of the positive re-enforcement we can get.)


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