10. The Episode About Camping Blind

An image depicts a stick figure of Marc asking, "Where's my cane?" To the right, there's a fire and stick figure of Jan dangling her hot dog from a string attached to the cane. She replies, "I don't know!" The words "Blind Camping" are written in big letters over the scene.
Drawn by Marc Rocheleau, who is completely blind.

Who’s that lurking in the bushes near your camp site at night? Don’t worry, it’s just the blindnamic duo!


Returning from their two week hiatus/vacation, Marc and Jan are refreshed and ready to podcast! In the spirit of their time away, the two are covering what it’s like to camp blind. With plenty of asides in between, find out why Marc gets strange looks in the washroom,, learn how Jan became his “little pyro” and what the two did when they got locked in a shower. (Spoiler alert: It involved lots of yelling.)


Enjoy these and more camping trip stories on our brand new episode. Be sure to tune in next week when we cover travelling blind, subscribe for free and share with your friends in the meantime! It’s sweeter than smores and has way less calories.


Places We Mentioned This Week


Rockwood Conservation Area

Rondeau Provincial Park


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