09. The Episode About Nothing

An image depicts a stick figure of Marc angrily holding his cane as flames rise up around him. As he says "Grrrrrrr...," a stick figure of Jan stands next to him and responds, "Oh no, you didn't listen to our podcast!" The words "Blind Fury" are written above the scene.
Drawn by Marc Rocheleau, who is completely blind.

While we might not be as funny, Blind Luminations his the Seinfeld of podcasts this week!


As Marc and Jan scramble to get ready for their vacation, the two had to make some hard choices. The result? A pre-camping trip podcast about nothing! Without a topic of the week, the blindnamic duo covers any random subject their little hearts desire. Accessible parking follow-up? Check! Stealing a blind man’s cane? Check! People thinking Marc and Jan are siblings? Check! Marketing ideas to monetize this thing? Double check!


As you can tell, we’ve still jam packed as much content into this shorter episode as humanly possible.


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